Planning for and finalizing all the details of your charity golf tournament require hard work and focus. You must have had a lot of brainstorming sessions with those who are involved in organizing the event before you finally completed the plans and all the moving parts.

So now, after all those grueling days of preparation comes the next challenge, which is how to ensure a high turnout in your well-planned charity golf tournament.

To make this happen, you need a well-thought-out marketing strategy targeted towards your prospective golfers and sponsors.

Here are some proven ways to drive results in your marketing efforts:

#1. Be clear with your goals

Set clear goals. Your goals could be qualitative or quantitative. For example, as a fundraising activity, how much money would you like to raise? And what do you plan to do with the funds that you’d be able to raise?

Your prospective sponsors and the players themselves would want to know where the proceeds of the golf outing would go, so make sure this is clear from day one of the planning stage.

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It’s important that the goals are shared with everyone involved in organizing the event. All committee members and of course, the marketing team, need to have clarity on what you are trying to achieve with the charity event.

#2. Make the cause the center of your marketing efforts

As a marketer, you know that the thought of playing golf isn’t the one that will make your target golfers join your event. They can probably play golf any time they want or by joining other events, so the chance to play golf isn’t the selling point.

Golf lovers and prospective sponsors would be more enthusiastic to join your event knowing that by simply playing or becoming a sponsor, they are able to contribute something significant to society.

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So instead of saying, “Join us and enjoy a memorable and fun golf tournament,” tell them the cause. For example, the Cancer Support Community Greater Philadelphia uses this tagline in their web page for their upcoming golf outing:

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The red highlight on their statement appeals to the emotions. That’s the cause. And that’s a more compelling reason for golfers to play for their tournament or for sponsors to be a part of their annual event.

Having clarity on the cause will also help you refine your marketing plans, including who you will invite to join the tournament or who you’ll approach to invite as sponsors.

#3. Make the event attractive to golf lovers and sponsors

The cause itself will catch the attention of your target golfers and prospective sponsors. But that doesn’t mean you can ignore all the other moving parts of the event.

Whether you’re organizing a golf tournament for a cause or not, it’s critical that the venue, prizes, contests and all the activities during the event are well-planned and attractive to your target golfers and prospective sponsors. All of these can help ensure a high turnout during your event.

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If you’re holding an annual charity golf tournament, providing all participants with a fun and memorable experience will make them want to come back in the succeeding years. So consider the current golf tournament your “marketing strategy” for the next year’s event.

#4. Promote your charity golf tournament both online and offline

Where should you share information about your golf tournament?

  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Email signature
  • Your own website
  • Other relevant offline events
  • Online niche groups

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You don’t need to promote your event in all online and social media platforms. The key is to know who you’d like to attend your event, and then promote your event in a platform where you are likely to find them.

Most probably, they’re already in your network, so before you look too far, check out your own list of friends, customers, colleagues or connections in social media. Encourage them to share the information with their own social network.

Promotion and marketing shouldn’t just be the marketing team’s job. Ask for the committee members’ help in sharing the event with their circle of friends or colleagues. Everyone involved in the event can help spread the word and bring more people to the tournament.

Wrapping Up

There can be other factors that can make the promotion of your charity golf tournament more effective, but these four — clarity on goals, focusing on the cause, making your event attractive and promoting where your target golfers and sponsors are — will help ensure a high turnout in your fundraising golf tournament.

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