Good planning and organization are both critical to the success of your golf tournament. With so many moving parts to organize and consider along the way, having a solid plan on how you would ensure all aspects are taken care of is important.

So we’ve created a tournament planner that doubles as a timeline and project checklist to help you ensure that attendees will have fun at your golf tournament. 


Getting Started

The value of a tournament is tied directly to enjoyment – choosing the right course, the right entertainment and the right tournament gifts. Consider these components early on so you could plan around a budget and find the right mix of value versus cost.


Here are a few budgeting questions you need to answer before you execute any golf tournament plan: —


  • How much money do you plan to raise for your charity event?
  • Which market are you targeting for the event?
  • What golf course is most appropriate for your event?
  • Are you offering enough value to achieve your goals and ensure the players will want to attend the golf tournament for the price?

Preparing For Your Tournament Six Months in Advance

✅ Select a Golf Course, Date and Time

Scheduling tournaments on certain days can drastically open the possibilities of courses where you might have your event held.

✅ Select Tournament Director and Committee Heads

Don’t overlook the importance of a tournament committee. Forming a committee to help with certain aspects of the day and organization is extremely helpful. Every tournament will have to form committees to best fit their tournament needs. The main committees are marketing, day-of event, sponsor, registration, golf and design committees.

✅ Create a Budget

✅ Determine the Format of Tournament

The organizing committee shall choose a format that players are familiar with so they can fully enjoy your golf tournament.

✅Sign Main Sponsor and Obtain Contract

Reach out to the community for event sponsorship that will cover the majority of the tournament’s expenses.

✅ Plan Publicity — Radio and TV, News, Signs and Banners, Flyers and Posters

Send out a press release about your organization and how the funds that will be raised from the tournament will be used.

✅ Sell Sponsorships

✅ Send out Invitations and Design Website Focused on the Upcoming Event

✅ Finalize Pre-Event and Post-Event Food and Beverages

Consider an open or limited tab for players or a reception cocktail, continental breakfast, or a dinner after playing.

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Preparing for Your Tournament Three Months in Advance

✅ Meet with Tournament Director and Committee Heads

✅ Distribute Volunteer Forms and Assign Them Duties

Volunteers are the backbone of all golf event planning. Depending upon the size of the event, plan to have a dozen volunteers who will work the entire day. Their duties will involve managing the registration table, helping with contests, helping the photographers, loading and unloading supplies and prizes and collecting equipment after the event.

✅ Determine and Order Awards and Signage

✅ Determine Player Packets

✅ Finalize Peripheral Activities

Many attendees may come early or stay afterwards. Make sure there is enough additional activities for those who will stick around.

✅ Schedule a Photographer

✅ Secure Hole In-One Insurance and Sponsor

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Preparing for Your Tournament One Month in Advance

✅ Continue Meeting with Tournament Director and Committee Heads

✅ Order Shirts.

✅ Select Course Monitors

✅ Check all Peripheral Activity Planning

Being able to hold events and contests all throughout the event is very important to satisfy those who come early and stay late. How awesome would it be if you could advertise your tournament as a chance for participants to win $1,000,000! The Million Dollar shot is a great marketing appeal and fun for participants.

✅ Confirm Food and Beverage Functions

Having a Meal Sponsor to offset the costs of purchasing food and beverages given to golfers, volunteers and attendees is a huge help. This is also a great way to have local companies set up around the course to offer samples of different foods and beverages.

✅ Confirm Awards are on Schedule

✅ Create Guides and Materials for Tournament Day 

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Preparing for Your Tournament Two Weeks in Advance

✅ Continue Meeting with Tournament Director and Committee Heads

✅ Assemble All Tournament Packets

✅ Confirm All Prizes and Gifts Have Arrived


Preparing for Your Tournament Three Days in Advance

✅ Confirm Final Number of Participants and Pairings

✅ Print Cart Signs, Team Sheets, Alphabetical Sheet of Players, Tournament Rules and Pin Placement Sheet

It is very important that everything is labeled correctly and clearly to make it easier for all participants and volunteers to fulfill their duties or roles during the event.

✅ Make Sure There is a Secured Money and Change Box

 Alert Golf and Dining Room Staff of the Final Count


Prior to the Golf Tournament

✅ Put up Hole-in-One and Sponsor Signs

Make sure everything is the correct distance for hole-in-one.

✅ Set up Registration, Raffle, Mulligan and Texas Tees

A Mulligan is an extra shot that players may use during the course of the round that may take the place of another shot. Mulligans are great ways to raise money for charity because their range vary from $1 to $50.

✅ Set up Score Board

✅ Instruct the Photographer

You will want to give the photographer a list of all the golfers so he is able to correctly photograph them.

✅ Place Contest Markets at Holes

✅ Make sure Communication Systems are Working Properly

✅ Put up Directional Signage

✅ Set up Award Tables and Display Prizes

✅ Set up Scoring Table

✅ Having Course Monitors Take Their Place

✅ Last Minute Information to Golfers

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The Finishing Touches

A final conclusion to the day’s events is the post-event awards banquet. When your organization has the opportunity, you want to honor the competition winners, say ‘thank you’ to sponsors, announce charitable contributions and most importantly, treat all guests to a meal and entertainment.

✅ Awards

The presentation of awards to the winners, including team winners, individual winners and contest winners, is a major part of the banquet.

✅ Food and Beverages

All buffets are by far the favorite post-event meal for golf outings. Serving barbecue style food offers a simple fare and goes along with the outdoor event, but more formal menus are available at all golf clubs as well. You want to make sure there is enough food and drinks for everyone here, as well as throughout the day.

✅ Clean Up

Some attendees might stay after the event has finished so make sure to continue everything until the last person leaves. You will need to pick up and pack up all equipment from the day to ensure that no items are left behind.

✅ Post Event

Directly following the event, you want to personally thank all attendees and sponsors by sending out thank-you notes to all those who contributed their time and money to make your event a success. 

Along with thanking everyone, it is great to hold a meeting to get feedback about the day’s event. Ask the golfers who participate and all those who came to support your cause what they liked best and what they thought you could improve on. This is super important to guarantee success in all upcoming events.

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Wrapping Up

Tournament planning and organization can be an intimidating step for those who have not organized a charity golf tournament in the past. That’s why having a step-by-step guide with timeframe and specific tasks that need to be done is crucial to your success as the organizer. 

The key to holding a successful golf tournament is having clear plans and executing with the key objectives in mind. Don’t get stressed in trying to organize this event. Enjoy the planning stage and anticipate massive success.

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