The green is not only a place to have fun but also a place to promote your business.

When it comes to finding new customers or clients for your company, the more exposure, the better.

Attaching your business name to an event helps the event’s participants and more people remember your brand. Promoting your company at events like golf tournaments is a surefire way to get people talking.

Golf tournaments are among the time tested ways to advertise a company.

No wonder why you can frequently see this kind of event being hosted almost every weekend. Golf tournaments make a great marketing opportunity because people love golf and love showing up to the course. 

With so many tournaments going on, we thought you’d benefit from a list containing three of the smart ways for your company to get noticed on the course.


If your company would like to generate goodwill then sponsoring a charitable event can be a great idea. But if your company aims to gain wider exposure then sponsorship of a professional tournament can be an option. No matter the budget size, businesses can gain significant attention at large and small golf tournaments.

This is especially true if your target market is people who tend to earn above- average income since you could highly likely find that pool during golf tournaments.

Such events can provide you great exposure opportunities as your company’s name will be affiliated to the tournament itself.

However, these sponsorships have exponentially increased in price due to increased demand for tournament attendance. But there are still more cost-effective means of getting your company’s name on the course like sponsoring a part of the tournament or just sponsoring a player.

You may also just sponsor a hole or contest going on with the tournament. With the amount of attendance involved, your brand could easily benefit from this significantly long exposure.


A simple yet powerful marketing effort is to display a huge banner with your name on a course in front of hundreds of people. However, to get this done, you most likely should have already set up a sponsorship with the tournament. With this straightforward yet proven tactic, you could instantly make your company known and appeal to a large audience.


Promo products are effective in getting your name known at any major event like golf tournaments. If you can give out special golf tournament gifts with your company’s name on it to golf tournament entrants or attendees then you can be assured that a large number of people will recognize and remember your company’s name and brand essentially.

It’s important to note, however, that before you place an order, make sure these items will be coming from a good company to guarantee the high quality since you’re about to purchase bulk quantities. And you might as well take advantage of the special offers given to those purchasing in large quantities.

Have you organized a major corporate golf tournament and you’re thinking about what could be the best golf tournament gifts for promoting your company? 

Do you plan to sell or provide branded products as giveaways for tournament attendees? Promotional products serve as a great opportunity to strengthen your brand at any corporate event like golf tournaments.

We, at Global Golf Events, can help expand your advertising around the course, by creating customized products that will surely deliver amplified sales and elicit positive perceptions of your company among tournament attendees.

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